Lunch menu

We serve two meat dishes, two fish dishes and one pasta dish as well as three different business lunches.
 We also have a regular lunchmenu 


Daily menu (89 kr)

We server swedish homely cooked food, every day we have:
Two different meat dishes
Two different fish dishes
Three different salads
Italian pizza (Multiple choices )

Business lunch  (146 kr)

Fish & Chips
with Rhode Island sauce and fries

Grilled steak
With hollandaise-like sauce and fries.

Pork noisette
With hollandaise-like sauce and fries.



Regular lunch menu, available every day (89 kr)

Burger with fries (150 g)

Shrimp salad
With Rhode Island Sauce

Louis special salad
with Chicken, Avocado, Feta cheese and Caesar dressing.

Served with fries