Dinner at Restaurant Louis is something special. A wonderful atmosphere with a New Orleans feeling.
Every night our guests can enjoy live music, a perfect starter for the evening.


Toast Skagen
Classic swedish skagen "mix" served on roasted white bread
98 kr

Salmon rolls
Raw spiced salmon filled with shrimps, cheesecreme and dill
98 kr

Carpaccio Classico
Lightly marinated tenderloin beef in thin slices , lemon,  virgin oil and black pepper. Sprinkled with rocket salad and parmigiano reggiano cheese.
135 kr

Plate with charkuteries
Carefully selected charkuteriesr; prosciutto "Parma", bresaola och and differens types of salami. Served with olives and grissini sticks.
110 kr / 159 kr

Garlic bread
Roasted cottage loaf with garlic butter
35 kr

Marinated kalamata olives
45 kr



Grilled steak
Glazed with red whine sauce, béarnaise sauce and fries
195 kr

Garlic-roasted lambchops 
Grilled lamb served with potato wedges and rosemary/honey sauce
225 kr

Thin slices of entrecote topped with red wine, rocket salad, parmigiano reggiano cheese. Served with rosemary potato wedges.
215 kr

Grilled chicken filét
Grillad chicken filét, served with a creamy cognacsauce and oven-baked potatos.
195 kr

Classic beef on a blank
Sirloin steak, béarnaise sauce, pommes duchesse served on an hot oak-plank. 
215 kr

Pork noisette
Pork noisette with asparagus med sparris,  béarnaise sauce, red wine sauce and fries.
185 kr

Hamburgare made with black angus beef, 200 G. Served with goat cheese, bacon, coleslaw and potato wedges.
155 kr


Salad, chicken, bacon, red onion, cocktail tomatoes and parmesan cheese. 
149 kr

Scampi Sallad
Chili- & honey marinated scampi with a mixed salad,  pears, green asparagus, primeurs and balsamicoreduktion
149 kr

Classic baked potato
Served with a swedish skagen-mixture  & salad
149 kr


Fettuccine Con Scampi
Mixed pasta with scampi, white wine, chili, garlic and tomatoe sauce. Topped with rocket salad. 
155 kr

Pasta med tenderloin beef, mushrooms satureted with butter and white wine. Server with a creamy truffle-sauce.
159 kr

Linguini pasta med smoked pork belly, egg, sprinkled with black pepper and parmesan cheese.
149 kr

Pasta Con Pesto
Pasta med shredded chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, cocktail-tomatoes. Served with a creamy green pesto sauce.
155 kr


White wine-baked  Sea trout
Sea trout filét served with creamy caprice tomato sauce and crushed potatoes.
225 kr

Grilled salmon
Grilled salmon with creamy lobster-risotto and white wine sauce. Topped with rocket salad.
195 kr

Lime-marinated scampi with med sparagus risotto och champagne sauce
225 kr

Lax on a plank
Salmon with a sauce made of eggs, butter and lemon juice. Served with pommes duchesse.
215 kr


01. Margarita
Tomato, cheese
79 kr

02. Vesuvio
Tomato, cheese, ham
85 kr

03. Capricciosa
Tomato, cheese​, ham, mushrooms
89 kr

04. Orientale
Tomato, cheese, minced meat, onions, paprika
89 kr

05. Hawaii
Tomato, cheese​, ham, shrimps
89 kr

06. Calzone (folded)
Tomato, cheese, ham
95 kr

07. La bussola
Tomat, cheese, ham, shrimps
95 kr

08. Vegetariana
Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, paprika, anananas, olives, onions
85 kr

09. Pompes
Tomato, cheese, salami, paprika, onion, 
89 kr

10. Maritmonti
Tomato, cheese, shrimps, clams, mushrooms
98 kr

11. Quattro Stagioni
Tomato, cheese, ham, shrimps, clams, mushrooms
98 kr

12. Ghiottona
Tomato, cheese, chicken, garlic, curry
95 kr

13. Kebab Pizza
Tomato, cheese, kebab meat, paprika, onions pepperoni, garlic sauce
98 kr

14. Ciao-Ciao
Tomato, cheese, diced beef, paprika, onions, mushrooms, béarnaise sauce
115 kr


Panna Cotta
Pana Cotta lime, served with mixed berries
79 kr

The chefs choice of chocolate truffles
Three different truffles
69 kr

Vanilla Ice cream
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
79 kr

Crème brûlée
Crème brûlée served with berries of the season
79 kr


Öl på fat

Spendrups export, Liten lättöl
35 kr

Spendrups export, Stor lättöl
39 kr

Heineken export, Liten starköl
49 kr

Heineken export, Stor starköl
54 kr

Öl på flaska

Mariestad (50 cl)
68 kr

Mariestad mellanöl (33 cl)
54 kr

Wisby Stout (33cl)
54 kr

Wisby Pils (33cl)
54 kr

Newcastle Brown Ale (33cl)
54 kr

Paulaner (50 cl)
54 kr

Sol mexicans öl (33cl)
68 kr

Samuel Adams (33cl)
54 kr

Storobrno (33 cl)
54 kr

Bacardi Breezer Watermelon (33 cl)
59 kr

Bacardi Breezer Pineapple (33 cl)
59 kr


Hallon-lime cider (50 cl)
64 kr

Päron cider (50 cl)
64 kr

Rött vin

Husets, Spring Village Shiraz, Australien
68 kr/glas

Husets (halv karaff), Spring Village Shiraz, Australien
129 kr/karaff

Husets (hel karaff), Spring Village Shiraz, Australien
255 kr/karaff

Castillo De Benizar, Spanien
72 kr/glas 285 kr/flaska

Cono Sur Tocornal, Chile
330 kr/flaska

Valpolicella Valpantena, Italien
380 kr/flaska


Coto Vintage, Spanien
75 kr/glas 285 kr/flaska

Champagne och mousserande vin

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, Spanien
380 kr/flaska

Philipponnat Royale Reserva, Frankrike
680 kr/flaska

Ronar Natural Fermented, Spanien
360 kr/flaska